“You might want to rethink the nightgown first.

There’s a whole ‘Ebenezer Scrooge‘ thing happening.”

– David Rose, Schitt’s Creek

There was a time where you couldn’t get away from a reality TV show and I hated it. I mean, what’s so great about watching a bunch of people on an island? Or sharing a tiny living space with complete strangers who all end up hating each other? Oh yes, I binged on Jersey Shore but that was peer pressure so it doesn’t count. I craved the old days of the 30 minute sitcoms, chock full of commercials I couldn’t wait to complain about. Last year, while mindlessly browsing my Amazon video library, I settled for Schitt’s Creek from The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC). And I’ve never looked back.

Having zero expectations, I watched the pilot and found a nice little surprise: the fabulously witty, warm, and oddly addictive Rose family. My synopsis if you will:

Living a well pampered and élite life, Johnny and Moira Rose (played by Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara-  I know right?!) have just learned that the family’s business manager took their entire fortune, leaving Uncle Sam with unpaid taxes. Never having gone without, they’re forced out of their mansion and left with next to nothing.

Well that “next to nothing” is Schitt’s Creek; just a small TOWN Johnny bought for his son David (played by the fantastic Daniel Levy) as a joke. Yes, the name of the town is Schitt’s Creek and no – no joke.

A new start in what seems the butthole of all humanity, the family moves to Schitt’s Creek and through their initial fear of the unknown, they try to settle in their new home where we meet mayor Roland (Chris Elliot) and the receptionist/concierge/bellhop of the motel, Stevie (Emily Hampshire, a gorgeous surprise), who drips with sarcasm and bonds with David in weird ways.

If you enjoy sarcasm with a bit of irony sprinkled with pee-your-panties-LOL moments throughout, stop what you’re doing and ketchup! It’s a jolly good time and I hadn’t ever been a fan of Eugene Levy until this nugget (idk why – ever since Splash I just thought he was a nerd). You can find full episodes on demand as well as: Netflix, Amazon, Fandango NOW, Google Play, iTunes and more.

Now go binge off. Or on. Schitt’s Creek.


♥ – jen.

Leave a comment with one of your fave quotes from the show.

“Be the snowball.”


– Moira Rose, Schitt’s Creek


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