“Here’s a question for you guys. Um…is it, is it necessary, is it necessary that every single person on this planet, um, expresses every single opinion that they have on every single thing that occurs all at the same time? Is that, is that necessary?

Um, or to ask it a slightly different way, um, can…can anyone shut the fuck up? Can …can anyone, any, any anyone, any single one, can anyone shut the fuck up, about anything? About any, any single thing? Can any single person shut the fuck up about any single thing – for an hour?

You know, is that…is that possible? And I know you’re thinking, “you’re not shutting the fuck up right now,” and that’s true, but…”

– Bo Burnham, (2021), Inside via Netflix.
All rights are reserved. (not by me).
Bo Burnham, Inside (2021)

I receive no commission or compensation for touting my faves.

All rights to pictures and quotes are reserved and not by me.

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